President/CEO Timothy Boothe Speaks About the History of Cramer Security & Investigations, Inc.

Cramer Security & Investigations was founded in 2003. Having worked in the Coal Industry as a Security Consultant and Chief of Security for White Mountain Mining since 2001, I observed faults in how I believe security should be operated when it came to the client-contractor relationship. Previous to this employment I served as a Sergeant with the West Virginia State Police and I am proud retired member of that department. My goal when I formed Cramer Security & Investigations was to set the industry standard. I believe in delivering professional trustworthy officers and providing them with structure and organization that fulfills our client’s individual needs.

Cramer Security & Investigations is a growing security provider currently employing over 500 security officers and support personnel, with operations in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Our operating procedures are based on the successful organizations in which I have served; the U.S. Military and West Virginia State Police. I do consider our corporation a Para-military organization.

Retiring from local Law Enforcement has allowed me to maintain excellent networking and working relationships with local and state agencies. I believe it is crucial to have the involvement of law enforcement on a regular basis not just when we require their services. Additionally, we maintain relationships with investigators from the United States Attorney’s Office and the local Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

We have enjoyed several years of success with our clients resulting in a near 100% customer satisfaction rating. With services ranging from physical security to technology services, I am confident we will be able to provide a security solution that will greatly assist your company and protect your assets.

I would again like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to present our services and I hope to enjoy a mutually beneficial business relationship.


Timothy Boothe